The Awakened Citizen Program

A Unique Value Education Program for Children

Core Values: Strength, Harmony and Expansion


“Education is the Manifestation of Perfection Already in Man.” - Swami Vivekananda

This definition of education by Swami Vivekananda is the basis of Awakened Citizen Program (ACP). The infinite strength and potential inherent in every child can be manifested as wonderful possibilities in every walk of life. ACP seeks to empower students in real and tangible ways to develop as enlightened citizens who can stand on their own feet and make responsible choices.

Our vision is of a nation where every school is a centre of future citizens of India who have through the Program awakened to:

  • Their infinite potential

  • The intrinsic oneness and equality among all human beings

  • Their expanded and enriched role in the world around them

ACP welcomes all schools throughout India that extend up to at least Class VIII to enroll in the program.


"To me the very essence of education is concentration of mind, not the collecting of facts.- Swami Vivekananda


Photo Gallery

Inauguration of Year-1 teachers training in Hyderabad

Teachers Training Schedule - 2019

Sr. No.RO (KV/JNV) / PlaceSchool TypeWorkshop forDate Year-1Date Year-2Date Year-3Refresher Training
1AGRAKVTeachersTBD1st week May1st week May
2AHEMDABADKVTeachers3-4 July5-6 July8-9 July
3BENGALURUKVTeachers30-31 July2-3 Aug5-6 Aug8-Aug
4BHOPALKVTeachers12-13 July15-16 july17-18 July19-Jul
5BHUBANESWARKVTeachers1-2 July3-4 July5-6 July8-Jul
6CHANDIGARHKVTeachers24-25 April26-27 July29-30 April
7CHENNAIKVTeachers1-2 May3-4 July5-6 July8-Jul
8DEHRADUNKVTeachers24-25 April26-27 April29-30 April
9DELHIKVTeachers1-2 May3-4 May6-7 May8-May
26DELHIPVT & GOVTTeachers6-7 May 20198-9 May 201910-11 May 2019
10ERNAKULAMKVTeacher10-11 June12-13 June14-15 June
12GUWAHATIKVTeachers3-4 April5-6 April8-9 April
13HYDREABADKVTeachers24-25 April26 -27 April29-30 April1-May
16JAMMUKVTeachers29-30 April1-2 May3-4 May
18LUCKNOWKVTeachers8-9 April10-11 April12-13 April
19MUMBAIKVTeachers19-20 July22-23 July24-25 July26-Jul
22RANCHIKVTeachers3-4 April5-6 April8-9 April10-Apr
23SILCHARKVTeachers1-2 April3-4 April5-6 April
25VARANASIKVTeachersTBD26-27 Jun28-29 Jun22-Jun